Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master

Bro. Alfred James William Davidson

2004 - 2009

Alfred Davidson

Bro. Alfred Davidson was elected as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Aberdeenshire East on June 10th. 2004, installed on August 21st. of the same year. (See menu for Installation photos).

Initiated in Lodge St. James #256 in 1964, Bro. Davidson progressed up trough the ranks and was installed as Master of the Lodge in 1990. After serving his Lodge in this capacity for two years (1990 - 1991) he then progressed on as an active member of Provincial Grand Lodge.

On October 29th. 1994 he was appointed to the position of Substitute Grand Master by the P.G.M. Bro. James Grubb.

On August 5th. 1999 he was appointed to the office of Provincial Grand Depute Master by the late Bro. James Stewart, an office that he held until 2004.

Saturday August 21st. 2004

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Joseph J. Morrow and Alfred Davidson

Grand Depute Master
Bro. Rev'd Canon Joseph J. Morrow

Provincial Grand Master
Bro. Alfred Davidson

Commisioned Office Bearers
of Provincial Grand Lodge

PGL Commisioned Officer Bearers

[Back Row L-R]
P.G. Chaplain Bro. Ian Bain
P.G. Secretary Bro. Graham Black
P.G. Substitute Master Bro. Kenneth McRobbie

[Front Row L-R]
Past P.G. Master Bro. William Gordon
Past P.G. Master Bro. James Grubb
P.G. Master Bro. Alfred Davidson
Immediate Past P.G. Master Bro. James Stewart
P.G. Depute Master Bro. William Grant

Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East
Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East - 2004
Back Row 3rd. Row
Douglas Watson / Inversaintcairv #1278
James Martin / St. James #256
Jonathan Elrick / Ugie #939
James Whyte / Inversaintcairv #1278

Back Row

Stan Morgan / P.G. ???
Scott Buchan / Clinton #1244
David Gillies / St. Andrew #518
Mark Dunn / St. Olaf #1188
Gordon Thompson / Forbes #67
Tom Buchan / Keith #56
Jimmy Mashall / Fraser #267
Alex Thomson / Forbes #67
W.K. Buchan / P.G. Almoner
Jim Hardy / St. James #256

Row 3

2nd. Row Front Row
James Taylor / P.G. ???
Ron Simpson / P.G. ???
Nicky Stephen / P.G. ???
Alistair Reid / P.G. Treasurer
Ian Bain / P.G. Chaplain
Graham Black / P.G. Secreatary
Eric Grant / P.G. ???
Davie Wemyss / P.G. ???
John Shields / Fraser #267
Douglas Nicol / P.G. Sword Bearer

Row 2

Harry Lamb / P.G. Junior Deacon
James Park / P.G. Junior Warden
William Grant / P.G. Depute Master
Wiliam Gordon / P.G. P.Master
Joseph J. Morrow / G. Depute Master
Alfie Davidson / P.G. Master
Jimmy Stewart / P.G. I.P.Master
Jimmy Grubb / P.G. P.Master
Kenny McRobbie / P.G. Substitute Master
Jim Ritchie / P.G. Senior Warden
Alex Arthur / P.G. Senior Deacon

Front Row